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2011 August | Your Place to Find How Make Money For Blogging

PPC Advertising for Publishers

PPC or pay per click is a paid advertising model that cost calculations based on the number of ad clicks. Examples such as, adsense, and others. It is now available too PPC advertising for publishers. What PPC advantages?

  • Generate traffic quickly

Both, you as the owner or affiliate products, using PPC advertising is a quick way to bring in traffic. When you begin to plug the PPC ad, when it also flooded traffic to your blog.

  • Easy to set advertising budget

Advertisements can be arranged according to the available budget funds. My advice, start with the most minimal budget funds according to the rules of each service provider PPC. Minimal advertising budget funds intended to test the effectiveness of advertising.

  • Measurable results

The results that you can easily be measured by using PPC. You can measure from the available reports. Expenditure control. Funds you spend on advertising that could be controlled. To start advertising, as I said earlier, you should start from a minimum of advertising funds.

  • Easily monitored

You easily monitor your ads. Fast results. If you are using a PPC expert, can make money quickly.

PPC Disadvantages:

  • Necessary costs.

To pay for installation services you need to need money, especially if you advertise a new beginning, you need to do trials of advertising to get the most effective way of advertising.

  • Need test.

In order to test, for one type of product, so you can create a variety of advertising.

  • Need to prepare the landing page.

Making an effective landing page will determine the success rate of your advertising. Thus you need to create an effective landing page for promotion.

Competition remains. Because not only you who advertise, that means your advertisement also compete with other ads in getting the attention. Therefore you need to know how to create effective ads.

Many Tags in Blog Article, is it Good?

Tags in Blog Article / posts on the blog is actually very useful, especially for generating huge traffic. Tag itself different from the category, then what is the difference? The difference is more specific than the category tag. Still confused? okay I’ll make a more simple model, for example, we go into a store, then we want to buy soap for example, of course we will go to a place / rack containing soap. The  place / rack soap can be described as the category, whereas for the brand tagnya – soap brands found on the shelves. Is it clear? Read more »

Development of Online Business in 2011

Do you think the development of online business in 2011 will be increased? Based on data obtained from the Ministry of Communication and Informatics in 2010, that Internet users has reached 650 million users and is predicted until the end of 2011 the number of Internet users will experience a very good improvement, is expected to reach 950 million people. by looking at the statistics then the development of an online business in Indonesia in 2011 will increasingly show an increase in positive and certainly the prospect of online business is still very promising. The increase of Internet users each day, providing huge profits for online businesses. With the increasing number of Internet users, then they also market opportunities more wide open. No wonder that lately, many people try their luck with the opening business opportunities through cyberspace.  Today, not only the ruler internet like google and facebook just competing new innovations to enliven the Internet market. The beginner also began to appear with a diverse business concept, aim to target a specific market. Of course it will color online business competition in the year 2011.

Some things that support the development of online business in 2011, are as follows:

First, the number of internet users continues to increase for several years. It is a soft field for online businesses, because more and more people using the internet means the virtual world market is also more open. This can be seen from the creation of potential market on facebook, along with the increasing number of users of these networking sites. Read more »

Displays a Specific Category on Sidebar

This time I will discuss how to display a specific category in wordpress. As shown in the sidebar of this blog there are several lists of titles of articles appeared certain categories, such as: Tutorial Blog, WordPress, Joomla, etc.. It looks not much different if we install widgets Recent Posts, don’t you? It also allows us to promote more articles read by visitors. And automatic number of page views of our blog will increase.

How to display multiple titles of articles based on specific categories do not provide widgets at But we can use widgets RSS feeds from blogs to take our own. And it turned out this way also managed to take feeds from the posts grouped by specific categories.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Login to your admin
  2. Click [Settings] > [Reading].
  3. In Syndication feeds show the most recent, fill in the amount of syndication that will be displayed. This is useful for displaying the number of posts in the RSS widgets later.
  4. Click [Save Changes].
  5. Activate your widget categories.
  6. On the left side, click menu [Appearance] > [Widgets].
  7. On the  ‘Widgets’ page, choose widgets [Categories] that you want to install on sidebar just by cdrag and drop to menu [Sidebar]
  8. After you put menu ‘Sidebar’, click [Save].
  9. Open your blog page.
  10. See the active widget categories performance.
  11. Then put cursor at one of the category the click [Copy Link Location] to take URL from category title.


Using browser Mozilla Firefox

  1. Paste on notepad.
    Example of URL category:
  2. Go back to your dashboard admin.
  3. Now activate widgets RSS.
  4. Then copy URL category from notepad and paste to the column [Enter the RSS feed URL here:].
  5. Put the title of widgets RSS in the column [Give the feed a title (optional):] as your wish.
  6. Put the items/title posting on  [How many items would you like to display?], do not fill more then 3 (three) on above steps.
  7. If you’ve finished, click [Save].

Usually, for a while feed will not show up. Just wait a few minutes until the syndication done.

Note the comments Login

While visiting the gallery such as bloggers or, the bottom of the template usually contains a comment. We can not say if the template is not good without comment, or a template that has many comment is good. Consider the content of incoming comments. They were angry, grateful, or denounced even ask? Note the comments Login:

– Comments that contain acknowledgments, means the author is very spirit up to say thank you, or he was dying and was in desperate need of design like that or even worse … he was blogwalking. It should not be used as a reference since you do not necessarily need it as well.

– Comments reproach, anger, etc. are blood relatives. You can guess that the template was a lot of the problem. Do not pass or cross browser design … somehow. This is what you make reference. If you do not need to be taken. Read more »

Make your Appropriate Theme as Your Purpose

Theme as Your Purpose. I’ve read one of the blogs that has niche guitar cord but the template-based magazine (* hopefully the owner does not read this). It actually depends on the taste of the Admin. The problem is, whether it fits in the eyes of others. Blogs are not just seen for ourselves as admin but also for those who act as a visitor. For non-commercial blogs, the selection of free templates you can do unilaterally to remember that it is not intended to moneytise perhaps even specific to your own. Let’s ignore the non Moneytize … we are talking about commercial bloggers. I just want to share about tips and tricks on choosing a template.

Ask yourself, what would my theme stretcher? Is Money Fresh $ _ $, Blog Tutorial, Cord Guitar, Gallery & screenshoot or the other. Do not use a theme that does not connect like Cord nice guitar but using templates with a style portfolio. If the code guitar cords guitar as well. If affiliate with Amazone make a well as templates reseller model, if the template gallery, make it as well.

Make sure the template that you want / use have been tested in major browsers such as Mozilla FF 3 and above, Opera 10, all kinds of Chrome, Safari all the family, and most importantly, IE 7-8. IE family is the most you need to consider given that he usually destroy the look of the template. Read more »

Tips that can Improve blog page View

What is a pageview? Pageview is the average number of our blog pages were accessed by a visitor in a single visit.Pageview is very important, because you can measure how advantages or how interesting your article to your blog readers, if your pageview high despite the visitor are still minimal that means the articles that you write not enough to give the benefits and draw attention to the readers, or no body knows you are exist.


I will give you five simple tips that can improve blog page view:

1. Updating Articles Every Day.
Why should you update articles every day? What to do with page view? Update articles every day will certainly add a lot of articles that you write on the blog. If one day there was a visitor who visited your blog, when the visitor is reading an article you and he gets the benefit of your article, he’ll find articles – Other helpful articles on a blog that he reads on your blog. Every single visit will upgrade your stats.

2. Make Interesting Article Title
Do not let your blog readers miss an important article just because the title of article titles not interesting. Less likely to attract visitors who are curious to read the article.

3. Submit your article to Social Bookmarks
Surely you already know what social bookmarking could bring. Huge Social traffic. Read more »

e-commerce as a Modern Business

The business world today whose name is closely associated with the Internet. Currently, the Internet has become a tool of business which is very important for entrepreneurs. Internet is no longer a means of entertainment as well as technique, but also become important media to increase business profits. Why the Internet is becoming important? Because the Internet provides a variety of mediums that can be used to improve marketing, promotion and sale of products without any limitation the State, Time, and Place. That is the reason why many large companies that build a Website just for doing an online ticket sales and promote products they sell, why? Because the Internet has the facility without restrictions of State, Time, and Place. Therefore, entrepreneurs who want to succeed in this era must understand the Internet, to support their business processes. The Internet can be used to support the development of business (usually the Company) or could even be a base of their businesses (like eBay, Amazon, etc.).  One application of business via the Internet is e-commerce as a modern business. Stands for Electronic Commerce, is a good purchase and sale of products of goods or services over electronic systems, such as the Internet and other computer networks.
Currently, the amount of goods and services sold over the Internet has been very much. The rapid development was not separated from the proliferation of technology to make electronic money transfers, ranging from transfers through the Bank, a variety of technologies supporting e-commerce, like Supply Chain Management, Internet Marketing, Online transaction processing, Electronic Data Interchange, Inventory Management System, and Automatic data collection systems. Read more »

Having an online business

Prosperity and its preparation is quite easy. But the fact is, if you do not use good marketing strategies and proven, then you have an online business that can evaporate no trace. And it will be gone forever. If you look at some internet business programs leave without permission during 2010. It is much more present new Internet business. Proverbial, one grows a thousand dead. But at least you can look in the mirror of their successes and failures.

So what’s the solution?

Here we inform you tips and tricks you can do:

Create a product or service that is much needed by society, in the year 2011. For example, create a business ebook, video tutorials, or give the information up to date and much sought after community. It became one of the ways to attract consumers to visit your online business.

Read more »

Effort for Blogging

Not a problem if you complain about your blog as long as it is reasonably strong. If you are one of people who  likes to complain about a blog that is owned, continue to defend it, you need effort for blogging. You may wonder why should maintain a complaint, because most likely can get a better chance than what has been gained today. Still not believing? Here I give some references you can use in improving the quality of the blog. Some people have a predilection to analyze what they should have and then disseminate to others. For example compare the number of visitors, readers, blog income even in the same position (it has a theme, topic, and the same target market). But if you’re not happy with the blogs that have been owned, try looking for other ideas to make it more special. There are still many ideas that can be taken out and the reader need your expertise. And if you do not want to move or make the transition, inevitably you have to accept it.

By constantly complaining about your blog about the various shortcomings, sooner or later would have been forced to make changes in any way. With any luck, a good opportunity awaiting your blog. Some people do and create a blog with SEO topics that they do not really want, when in fact they want a blog with the theme of media (or as their interest). Find out your actual ability, rather than follow the currents and trends that exist today. Understand a little about SEO, but had dared to provide related blogs. At least I know about SEO, but I prefer blogs that investigated the marketing because it basically has to undergo and feel. With the habits and routines that we do will be easier to create a topic without having to see the results of others first. Do not be afraid that your blog will not raise as many visitors as SEO blogs, not all surfers looking for information about SEO. Focus on one point, that is your talent! Rest assured that you will form a community of its own through the blog. There is a sentence that says “do what you like and the money will come”.

Read more »

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