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2011 July | Your Place to Find How Make Money For Blogging

Software To Beautify Windows Display

For those of you who like to look beautiful and attractive computer, now software to beautify windows display that can be exploited free here, namely Brico Vista Inspirat Ultimate and second BioniXWallpaper. These software have the function of each. The following explanation:

  • Brico Vista Inspirat Ultimate. This software can enhance the look of Windows XP you become like the look of Windows Vista. This software can also change your icon to be like icon in Windows Vista. However, this application can only work on Windows XP only. So for those of you who do not use Windows XP do not expect this application to beautify your computer display.This software has a lot Awards and you can download this software for free.


  • BioniXWallpaper. This software can change the look of your desktop background with ease. There are facilities BioniXWallpaper playlist editor, you can specify a time interval of appearance of certain images to your liking. This software is as if your monitor makes viewing more interesting and interactive.


Strength of Internal Links In SEO

Internal link in our website can be used to add strength to get good position. For example if there are 215 other web link to our homepage, we will certainly share the power link into some other link pages on our website. If the page is the home page there are about 35 links, each link would get 1/35 of the power link in our web homepage. The smaller the number of links to other pages that exist in the home page, the greater the strength of the home page to be divided. So, how to increase the strength of links? Here are some expert advice from the SEO world:

Use tag rel = “nofollow” for links that are not so useful.

Do not make a link like this -> mylink.html,

but try this -> /mylink.html

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Topic web Directory and link Farm

Some time ago there was an interesting discussion on the topic web directory and link farm. Some say that a web directory is identical to a link farm because there is the gathering place for links that might not be qualified. Others have said it is not necessarily a web directory is a link farm, so please only submit web there.

From the topic that is ultimately trying to figure out what kind of pattern of a link farm and a web directory anything that can be used as a field to force a backlink. Link Farm itself in my opinion have the meanings set of links that are not separated by category. Happens all jumbled up without any sorting. Usually a link farm is used to make search engine spiders crawl faster and website can be indexed quickly. Today many link farm that turns itself into a web directory. Extension of .info or .biz are very cheap and tends to be used as spam, so you’d better use extensions .com, .net or, the safer is .org. Usually if it is really full web directory will not require a reciprocal link for their link popularity as well. The appearance usually are not qualified or original.

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Accelerating File Upload in Ziddu

Ziddu is a website that provides free hosting service. You can use Ziddu for upload files and share them with others. So the file can be downloaded, you can put the url of the blog, web or send them directly via email to your friend. Not only that, you will be paid if the file was uploaded successfully downloaded by others. Any successful file downloaded will be priced at $ 0.001. You’ll also get a bonus of $ 0.01 if someone else register at Ziddu through your referral. If you see that the value of money is not as big as your wish, well, you can count it better:

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Link to your site with Pages ebay Sitemap

While you’re surfing the internet, for example you search for recipes site via Google search engine, then one of the search results lead you to open the site Healthy Kitchen. Finished reading and print the recipes are found, you open the pages of other recipes before finally interested in one of the banner ads that when clicked takes you to the online store site.

As you move from site search engine Google to Healthy Kitchen recipe collection, and then go to the site an online store, you are guided by a link. From the illustration above, freely can be concluded that the link serves to connect one page to another page. A site typically have more than one page. To connect the front page with another page links typically used form of navigation and pages ebay sitemap which contains a collection of links to the pages of our site, or to another site to pages that you recommend. Mutual links between sites linking that is the benchmark by Google and other search engines to determine the popularity of a web page.

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Need RSS FEED as Digital content distributors?

RSS is an XML-formatted file to syndicate that has been used (and most of them) news websites and blogs. This abbreviation usually leads to some

Rich Site Summary (RSS 0.91)
RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.9 and 1.0)
Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0)

The technology was built with RSS lets you subscribe to a web site that provides web feeds (feeds) RSS, usually a web site which is always updated regularly. To take advantage of this technology we need the services gatherers. Gatherers can be imagined as a personal mailbox. We can then apply to websites that we are interested with. However, unlikely a newspaper or magazine subscriptions, to subscribe to RSS we need unnecessary costs or free of charge. But, we usually only get one line or an introduction from the following website address content related to reading the full contents of the article.

Usability RSS
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Most Ideal Type For Sale On The Internet

What type for sale on the internet? Based on my experience, INFORMATION is the only one, the most ideal type of product for sale on the Internet.

Why should the product information? the answer is easy:

  • Every time millions of people surf the Internet, and they are looking for, is information.
  • Information is easily manufactured. If you can read and write, and you know about something, you can produce information in a relatively short time. Does not charge anything except from your mind and your time.
  • Information can be given in the widest possible range. No matter whether you write an article along three pages or 300 pages on a given subject, you can still market it up anywhere.
  • The best thing about information products is that everyone wants it! Maybe not everyone wants the same information, but anyone wanting information about certain things.

There are so many benefits you get by information selling type for sale on the internet. However, the reason that I feel the main thing is to sell information products / digital you can automate most aspects of running a business on the Internet.
Here are some other reasons why selling information products is more profitable than other product types:

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Google PageRank Lookup

Search engines such as Google Search, Yahoo Search, Bing and others have many ways to determine the quality of a web page or blog and its position in search results. One way is to count the number of inbound links (links from other pages that point to your blog page) and Outbound links (links from your blog pages that point to another blog page).

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Many Bloggers Thinking About Clickbank Competitors

Clickbank is one of undeniably affiliate provider of digital products with a good commission rate as well. No wonder that quite a lot of friends who try to get Clickbank membership. I often wondered, why should seek a way to get a Clickbank account? Yes, why should Clickbank? Is there no alternative of other affiliation? Let’s look at some of the following facts.

Clickbank does have advantages in terms of quantity and quality of digital products, I admit it. But the payment is slow, almost the same as Adsense, Clickbank policy since at least 30-days money back guarantee, so sales should wait at least 30 days a new commission declared us to be clear and legitimate. Our commission is also paid by check, which takes shipping time and also time consuming to cash it at a local bank.

A successful affiliate is not only determined by the mediocre. The product is only one factor alone. More precisely on the readiness of our major market. Do we have an opt-in list that sufficient numbers so that we can market Clickbank products to them? Are we already proficient in selecting niche products from thousands of products at Clickbank? Have we mastered the campaign with PPC if you want to market it through advertising? Or whether we’ve qualified in making landing pages that are SEO friendly and attractive to visitors? In addition to an alternative provider, is actually quite a lot of affiliate opportunities that we can follow individually. In this case we deal with the owners of the product itself without an intermediary provider that it is in certain things in our favor, such as higher commission opportunities (because there is no middle-man) and a faster payment.

So, bloggers are now thinking about clickbank competitors which might give better satisfaction. But however, besides of those facts, clickbank also has good reputation and you should to read about it here.

Paid Blogging jobs is your way Out

Paid blogging jobs. Remember when was your last occurrence of an argument with your spouse about money? Maybe a month ago, a week ago, two days ago or just last night? Arguments about money has become an inevitable part of married life. The problem is never enough salary and the budget deficit because the cost of living continues to rise, the soaring cost of education, telephone rates, electricity, and fuel are rising almost every year is just a little of the problems of household finances. If we are honest even act which actually indiscretion forced to do so from the inevitable arguments about money. For example never say how much income is actually, secretly while giving money to parents for fear of getting caught your spouse, or to tell your partner about credit card debt that swelled after they were powerless to deal with.

The question of money is the least romantic conversation and often avoided by married couples. People prefer not to talk rather than fight it. Money has nothing to do with love, but it is very related to how often you quarrel. Talking about financial issues is not an invitation to debate who is most true about money, but for both of you focus more on finding common financial goals and how to achieve these financial goals. Managing family finances like an airplane with two engines. If the machine that one wants a way forward, while another machine wants to retreat to the back of the plane must have crashed as a result. Because of that, make sure you’re both moving in the same direction. Having earned more than one is certainly more fun than just depend on one income alone.

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