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2011 June | Your Place to Find How Make Money For Blogging

How to make Money on Google for Free (Google Adsense page Impressions)

Second part of how to make money on google for free that you should to know:

Channels are a kind of label which can be given to the Ad Units, Link Units, Adsense for search and Referral. One ad units can have more than one unit label, and vice versa, one label can be used for more than one ad unit.

* Page Impressions
Google adsense page impressions is the number that shows how many times the page containing the Ad Units opened by visitors. The value is not affected by the quantity of Ad Units in the page.

* Clicks
Clicks is the number of clicks on the Ad-owned units publisher. In Adsense reports page, the publisher can see the total clicks has received and based on Ad Channel Units.

* CTR (Clickthrough rate)
CTR is the amount the ratio in percent between the number of clicks Received an Ad Units by the number of display units. For example, an ad units to display 40 times and clicked 10 times has a value of CTR 25% (10:40). Read more »

How to make Money on Google for Free

Section of this chapter contains the way of how to make money on google for free that must be used by Adsense blogger

* Publisher
Publisher is the person or owner who has joined and advertise their Adsense site.

* Ad Units
Ad Units are Units themselves. Ad Adsense ads that consist of several types and most important size. At ad type when the user clicks on this ad units, so if right, advertisers will get revenue in accordance with the value or the amount of CPC. Read more »

Receive Google’s Contextual Ads

Any AdSense code, code search box, or referral code must be mounted directly on a web page without modification. Participant Adsense will not allowed to alter any portion of the ad code or change the layout, behavior, targeting, or the appearance of ads for any reason.

Google does not permit Google ads or search boxes accessing services who are looking Google published a web page which also contains what may be considered or services or advertisements from competitor. If you have chosen to receive Google’s contextual ads, this rule including any links or other contextual ads on the page same with Google. These regulations also include ads throughout the site which resembles or looks like Google ads associated with Google on your site. Although you can sell ads on your site, you remain responsible to ensure these ads do not resemble the Google ads. If you have chosen to receive Google search services, these rules cover other search services on the same site and non-search advertising affiliate links allowed by Google. Read more »

Selling Advertising Space on your Website

Google adsense is the highest way which selling advertising space on your website. If you have chosen to receive contextual ads, you can strive for advertising space on your site is always used effectively. You can fill it with Google ads, or content of choice in a way to enter the address / url of an image or your ad. But, you may not use Google ads as an advertising alternative.

A site or third party ads may not show search box, search results or Google referral buttons as a result of work of any software application, such as a toolbar.  Google search box, referral code should not be installed in the application software contains any web selling advertising space on your website. Pages of advertising, search results, or Google referral buttons should not be displayed by the software which can trigger pop-ups, assign users to the sites which are not in want, modify your browser settings, or interfere with site navigation. Read more »

Things for Google Ads you Should to Know

When you have joint google adsense program, you need to learn things for Google Ads:

Adsense accounts are not transferable, authorized, or sold. As an example, if there is a change in ownership or sites management. Previous manager had to close AdSense account for that site, and the new owner or manager may sign up for the new Adsense account using his own name.


Maximum of three Ad Units may be installed on every page of the website. Maximum of two Box Search Google Adsense may be installed on every page. One unit links may be installed on every Web page, together with Ad Units and Search box that is considered previous advertising links. Single referral button per product may be installed on one page and the maximum number of referral buttons are the four keys per page, together with ad units, search boxes and link units which are described before. Referral button is considered as the things for Google Ads in this program policies .
Google ads may not be installed at page who do not have a content (non-content-based pages). Read more »

Build Reputation of Google AdSense as a Publisher

To improve the quality and reputation of Google AdSense, all publishers who sign up to must review their blog according to program policies. As you see, several policies are only relevant to publishers who choose to receive certain Google’s services. Such as things about the “Search Box” applies only for publishers choose to receive services Google or Google Search, and policies concerning placement of Google ads on a site only applies to publishers who have chosen for receive contextual advertising. Read more »

What if Google Banned Your Site for Adsense?

Account Banned for Adsense? If this happens to you, even though you do not know why, then you can try to contact Customer support by visiting the website: or want to contact is now here. Make sure that you type in “Re-inclusion Request” in the email subject. Make a simple request, not too long, and to the point. Because their admin only like simple things and so many blogs to be considered.

If you do not get a response from Google, so do not hope too much. You still can find another Pay Per Click programs, such as Yahoo! Publisher affiliation Network or various other programs. Although the money produced might no greater than provided by Google.

Possibility Things Which Make our Account Banned for Adsense

Account Banned for Adsense? When we are accepted into the client’s Google Adsense Pay Per Click programs, then we would not want to comply with various regulations that they set in the TOS (Terms of Services), one of them and what is important is: There are no hidden pages.

1.Not every page has at least one link.

2.Not has damaged or broken link. If link that we created out of the site, then convince ourselves that the link is true, and does not go to page 404 (ERROR). And do not ever put 100 links on one page.

3.No hidden text at all, either by way of remote, and even by way of equating the font color of text with background related. Read more »

List of Alternatives Programs CPM Adsense (Part II)

7.Casale Media (10,000 unique visitors per month)
An alternatives programs CPM memorable ad-publishers need experience, but very fit and could be said perfect for site visitors who have a number of Affective. Casale Media has a wide range of network, so it is suitable owned by the sites which they can be visited big scale. You can try to visit:

8.Tribal Fusion (60.000 unique visitors per month)
An ad-publisher who has a strong influence, which depends on the niche blogs.Tribal Fusion provides thousands of sites which have the same category with us. Great! And please visit the website at:

9.Brightroll (100,000 video views and 250,000 pageviews per month)
It is suitable in use for a variety of provider sites with video views. Brightroll his eminence could make it only owned by the publisher who actually advance. Visit:

10.Adtegrity (500,000 pageviews per month)
Adtegrity is known as alternatives programs CPM which have a good customer network, and can not be denied again when a few moments longer, Adtegrity can become a leader of advertisement network. Visit: (2 million pageviews per month)
One such site is advertising with a high number of pageviews, not everyone can make the services like them. Visit: Read more »

List of Alternatives Programs CPM Adsense (Part I)

There are many alternatives programs CPM or PPC alternatives Adsense. You should to know that CPM stands for Cost Per Million, so the advertising programs below pay our site based on visitors who attended the site and see our ad, not based on PPC (Pay Per Click) or a payment based on a single click it.

The question is, what are the programs ads? Well, let us discuss one by one:


1. AdsDaq (no requirement)
When the CPM ads are only available in some countries only, then AdsDaq advertising programs offer that they can be used certain countries only. You can try to visit: http://www . /

2. Ad Dynamix (without any requirement)
Ad Dynamix AdsDaq not as serious, although the terms should be used more easily than AdsDaq. With lack of it, then obviously the Ad Dynamix has a few customers from the AdsDaq.Sites owned by them can be visited at: Read more »

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